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Ep 15: Batching Tasks

In this episode we chat about out attitudes and methods of batching tasks.

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Ep 14: Statuses & Stages

In this episode we discuss statuses and stages and how they are identified and managed within projects... and tasks... and what is a project vs a task?

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Ep 13: Journey to Charging

This episode we discuss how we started charging for our work and the decisions involved with pricing - and actually asking people to pay us for the value we give. ;)

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Ep 12: All In One Apps

In this episode the Notion Nerds talk about "All In One Apps" - and whether such a concept exists or not.

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Ep 11: Notion Aesthetics

In this episode we talk all about the pretty things of Notions - erm...yeah... We speak about using inline math, and the joys of trying to add more colours. How do the Notion Nerds make things pretty - adding more visual elements and all the prettiness! 😁

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Reducing Overwhelm When Building Your Setup

Feeling a little overwhelmed by Notion? Don't worry you're not alone! This post will help you with the things you need to have - and nothing else!

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Making Task Management Easy with Notion

If you're wanting to create your "Personal Productivity Suite" You'll need to start with your Task Manager. In this video I'll show you the options and how to create a "Master Task List" (My personal suggestion)

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The Truth About Why I Use Notion...(and who shouldn’t)

In this post I share my Notion Journey, a sneak peak about the first system I built, and who shouldn't use Notion.

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Use These Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow

Shortcuts make the world go around, well maybe not...but these are just a few of my favourite shortcuts that help me to get things done in Notion far, far faster!

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Notion from Scratch: Setting Up a Home & Resource Page

Learn what I’d do if I started from scratch in Notion. In this first video I share: how to set up a Home & Resource page inside of Notion to help keep your databases safe from accidental deletion.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Creating A Notion System

Notion is a fantastic tool, but as with all great tools there comes a learning curve! One of the major problems I've seen - are people struggling to get started building their own systems.

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3 Amazing Resources for All Notion Users

Notion's community is big and beautiful! But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming here are 3 resources that you should definitely check out! :)

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Meet the Nerd...

Hey, I'm Jonathan Stewart

Business Nerd....

I support business owners to design systems that help them work, the way their brain does so that everything they can start working more efficiently without so much effort!

When I'm not building, I'm chasing my kids around the garden, and making noise on the guitar!