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System Review


For the Notion DIY-er who wants an expert to come into their system and review it, with clear suggestions and next steps.

Perfect for those who have a system but would love a fresh pair of eyes, and some confidence!


Notion Consult


If you love the idea of Notion, but not the time it takes to build.

You want a Notion Expert to help you map out your system and make it work for you and your business.


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Benjamin Smith
I was starting to build my notion from ground zero. With so many blogs, videos, etc on the web, I felt overwhelmed. Thankfully Jonathan cut through the noise and helped me build out a large and robust notion stack in 2 calls.Jonathan's knowledge of the platform is on display for you on these calls as his grasp of the technology surfaces regularly (In how fast he moves, how easily he can explain things to you, and his impressive memorization of how certain features and functionalities work). ‍ I definitely recommend you work with Jonathan if you want to dial in the organization of your Notion stack‍