3 Amazing Resources for All Notion Users

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Notion's community is big and beautiful! But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming here are 3 resources that you should definitely check out! :)

If you're just getting started with Notion it can be really overwhelming and you may want some extra resources to help you get started. These are the places I'd turn to if I was started in Notion in 2020!

Notion Office Hours with Marie Poulin

The amazing Marie Poulin has been doing office hours since late 2019. I was a guest on one of the first Office Hours with Marie (humble brag) and since then she's had some incredibly guests and resources to help everyone from Notion Newbies to seasoned Notion users. Notion is a topic that is vast and doesn't end and if you're someone who loves Notion the Office Hours are a perfect place to start.

Check out: Notion from Scratch (for beginners) & Formula's 101202 with William Nutt

Notion VIP by William Nutt

The resources provided by Mr Nutt as part of VIP are amazing. He has collected icons galore for both Dark Mode & Normal as well as Notion Charts a fantastic resources in which you can create charts within Notion! He's also documented a wide variety of Notion videos from various places around the internet!

Check-Out: Notion Icons, Notion ChartsNotion Videos

Keep Productive's You Tube Channel

Finally, good friend and fellow Devon-ian Francesco D'Alessio who hosts/created the Keep Productive YouTube Channel has produced over 75 videos to date on Notion that cover the entire spectrum! He also created the Notion Made Simple Course(*aff link) which gets you setup and using Notion based on a number of use cases including Task Management, Project Management & Note Taking.

Check-Out: Notion Playlist on YouTube & Notion Made Simple* Course

There are hundreds of videos that you can use to learn almost everything there is to learn about Notion, did I miss your favourite? Share it with me via twitter @NotionBiz!

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