Reducing Overwhelm When Building Your Setup

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Feeling a little overwhelmed by Notion? Don't worry you're not alone! This post will help you with the things you need to have - and nothing else!

Stop. Right now.

There are hundreds of videos/ YouTube channels sharing how you can use Notion. It shares the tips the tricks the formulas the relations the real snazzy stuff you don’t understand but think omg if I use that one amazing feature it will be complete.

Don’t just copy something blindly. Use it, mould it. Change it.

There are a huge variety of templates you can use, that helps you build a Notion Setup that works for you. But they are just the starting point.

Don’t rely on Notion templates by any Notion Consultant & Pro - yeah even mine!

Before you try and decide what template to buy or create get clear on a number of things:


Describe the overall purpose of your Notion system don't just rely on guess work. I sorta want it to look like this...

If you don't have a system purpose, you'll end up with a bloated system that can overwhelm and frustrate you.

🤔Questions/Statements to Think About...

  • This template/system will help me do... so I can focus on....


We all want to use a new shiny toy and Notion is the shiniest and the great folks at Notion release many new features whilst updating the older ones it's fantastic but also a huge distraction and time sync.

Repeat after me:

I do not need to use all the features inside of Notion to utilize it's power

I do not need to use all the features inside of Notion to utilize it's power

I do not need to use all the features inside of Notion to utilize it's power

You need to be clear on your needs, and why you're creating what you're creating. It all must link back to the purpose of your system.

🤔Questions/Statements to Think About...

  • For me to focus on X (purpose), I need it to have the following...
  • What do I need to achieve my goals, and what is just fluff and nice to haves?

Solve a problem. Don't create a problem.

Notion is powerful. It's features are rich, and it's potential is vast. This can be a freaking problem. You will end up diving into procrasti-planning hell! You'll constantly be adding "more things" and end up forgetting why you started in the first place.

You need to think about why you came to Notion in the first place. What was stopping you in your tracks in your business/life.

What features of other Notion users do you like and more importantly - is this a problem you struggle with.

If you don't struggle with it. Don't use it.

🤔Questions/Statements to Think About...

  • What current problems are you facing in your Productivity that you want Notion's help to to solve?
  • What's holding you back?
  • What are your top three struggles with productivity right now?1.2.3.
Note: You won't get it right first time. This is okay. This is normal. You WILL change your system. But you must have a REASON.

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