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Saturday, August 29, 2020

If you're wanting to create your "Personal Productivity Suite" You'll need to start with your Task Manager. In this video I'll show you the options and how to create a "Master Task List" (My personal suggestion)

I've been using Notion as a task manager for a while now. It's frankly amazing. I have so many different databases, rollups and relations. But if I was to start again. I would start with a Master Task Database.

Once you understand how to use the Databases (in particular this one). You'll unlock notion secrets that you never thought were possible which takes it beyond the likes of other Task Managers like Asana or Trello!

So to start with...

What is the Master Task Database

Put simply it'll become the connection between all other databases inside your Notion account. It's where you store the tasks you're going to complete, and when you're going to complete them. Through the use of relational properties & linked databases you'll be able to go beyond the simplicity of the humble To DO and connect everything together.

To DO's VS Master Tasks

You can very quickly create a checkbox within Notion - this is the fastest way of starting to use Notion for task management but there are a few issues with the humble To-Do.

  1. Can't Assign Dates -Of course you can use the @date and that'll sorta work, but it's not very easy to keep track of.
  2. No Status' - There's no way of knowing how things are going with the To Do checks, it's just a glorified bullet!
  3. Assigning People - Nope. - You can of course "tag" people in the actual task.

However, that doesn't mean that To Do's are useless. They are great for fast, and quick noting tasks you WANT to do. Also they make great subtasks!

The Power Behind the Master Task Database

Put simply by having a database to store your tasks, you can create different dashboards for your work...

Instead of just having one long list of tasks to do, you can filter it out.

For example in my system I have a dashboard for:

  • Today - I see all my tasks due today (or that are overdue). I don't need to go around to multiple pages it's just in one place. I look at one page and see everything!!!!
  • Retainer - As a Simplicity Specialist I help business owners of all shapes and sizes launch new programs and memberships as well as manage their day to day tech-y nerdy business needs. To keep track of all these I have a specific dashboard just to show that!

All tasks for today (oops...a few overdue ones)
Retainer only tasks! to help me plan!

By using a master database I can see these tasks in any format, way and view I need to!

You can see above the retainer only tasks, only shows 2 property - the person working on it, and the done tickbox. Whereas the Today list shows a lot more including the Project.

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