Use These Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow

Monday, April 20, 2020

Shortcuts make the world go around, well maybe not...but these are just a few of my favourite shortcuts that help me to get things done in Notion far, far faster!

Shortcuts, shortcuts shortcuts - they are the ultimate time savers. When it comes to getting things done and ensuring your systems don’t get in your way. These shortcuts will help you stay focused, and in flow!

Toggle The Sidebar with ctrl/cmd+\

When you first start building your Notion account you won’t have too many issues. But as you build more and more areas you risk things becoming a distraction. Using this shortcuts will help keep you focused on what you’re working on instead of getting distracted by that side-system you’re currently working on.

Create Horizontal Rule with: ---

With formatting at a minimum sometimes you wanna create some dividing space, especially when it comes to adding headers (see below for that shortcut).

It’s fast and efficient formatting! (But watch out for the block limit & copy limit folks!)

Create Headings Using #!

Adding headings, is one of a few ways to add formatting but having to type /h[1/2/3] gets a little tiring after a while,so you can use the following shortcuts to get the following headings:

  • h1 = #
  • h2 = ##
  • h3 = ###

This is a form of markdown that Notion uses to help simplify your editing this is especially useful when you write out blog posts, as often you can then export as markdown and add to your favourite platform.

To see what other markdown you can use to check all the shortcuts supported by Notion here

Edit Multiple Blocks using ctrl/cmd+/

Use Shift Up & Down to select blocks as well 😁

The ability to change color, type and more just through simple instructions!

I hated changing the colors of the text, or changing to different types of block. Now I can change the background, color or change a text block into a header without having to use my mouse!

For example to change the color of your text to red: press ctrl/cmd+/ and then type red and press enter and you're done! :)

Also: Now in Notion you can switch between formatting types by using shortcuts at the beginning this works with Headings, Quotes, Toggles, Checkboxes & both list types!

Toggles and Check Boxes with > and [] followed by a space

Speedy Workflows Using Toggles & Check boxes

Toggles are so freaking helpful! They help you keep things tidy when you don’t need to see ALL THE THINGS and it’s even faster when you can create a toggle just by using >.

When setting up my workflows I love using to-do blocks! It’s a great way for me to setup a speedy workflow without having to setup a brand new database. So I can very, very quickly setup a workflow by using [] and then hide each stage with toggles.

Bullets with - and Numbered with 1.

Got templates...that use this shortcut... see my next shortcut and you’ll fall over!

List types are soo useful for brainstorming information and creating lists, and this gets even faster when you can just use a hyphen or a number and it’ll create it for you! ❤

Duplicate Current Block with ctrl/cmd+D

I especially love using this shortcut when I'm building templates! Creating empty to do's is difficult. If you try to press enter without adding any text it'll delete it! But if you create the To do and then press ctrl/cmd+D it'll duplicate it love it!

You can also use alt/opt and drag blocks to duplicate them if you fancy! :)

Turn text into code with ctrl+e.

The original post used code blocks a LOT!

You can create “preformatted” or code text for snippets with this shortcut and it’s pretty cool! I use these for when I share keyboard shortcuts (can you tell I love shortcuts 😁)

To create a multi-code block use ctrl+options/shift+8 to create a code block (This is useful for adding html or other more in depth script code!

Add Link to Text with ctrl/cmd+K

Surprisingly a lot of people don't realize that this shortcut is relatively universal among programs - if you use this shortcut in most other programs whilst highlighting it'll use create a link for you! :) Pretty cool right!

P.S: If you really wanna show off. Just get your link...and paste it over text. This one blew my mind (but now I can’t stop doing it and I keep overwriting things 🤔)

The Power of @

This is the first of my multi use shortcuts! This is one of my favs because I can link to other pages, and areas REALLY quickly - this can also be used in titles which really helps!

Okay so this not all of them - so don't @ me! Check out the entire list of @ commands here

The Power of /

The slash is a powerhouse in Notion, its how you create anything in Notion. But you don’t need to create all of em. So here’s an image of the blocks I do create using slash commands. there isn't all of them here because don't slash my tires - here's the entire list here!

These shortcuts, will help you save time and stay focused without having to know everything! Do you have any favorite shortcuts? As Notion updates there will be more and more shortcuts to add, let me know some of your favorites via twitter @notionbiz or in the comments below.

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