The Truth About Why I Use Notion...(and who shouldn’t)

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

In this post I share my Notion Journey, a sneak peak about the first system I built, and who shouldn't use Notion.

My Notion Journey

So I first found Notion around March 2019 - At least that’s where my first mentions of Notion were inside of my Progress Log from another community.

I was in the process of building an online guitar school (like all guitarists) and I was desperate to simplify my life, I had tons of things I wanted to do, and not enough time to do it all. So I was hunting around and trying to figure out a way of doing so...and well I’ll let past Jonathan explain it:

So super grateful for Majik Media...

and in a single weekend I built out a mini-course planner inside of Notion:

Yup - One Weekend 😁

It was the first time I ever found a tool that worked how my brain did - it made it so easy to brain dump my ideas in one single place, and I could then bring things together and make it work!

A sexy screenshot of my original Course Outline

There are so many reasons why Notion is amazing but for me the number one was this:

It adapted to how I was thinking. I could create a system and over time grow it based on what I understood.

It gave me the freedom to experiment, to think differently and see things from different perspectives fast. As I grow my business I’m learning more and more that experimentation is key to growing a business - and without this you can easily keep spinning your wheels.

Notion gives me that freedom and space to play in a way that no other app can!

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Now, I will sing Notion’s praises forever - I’ve never found anything that worked for me so well. However there is one person who shouldn’t use Notion and that is normally the people you see complaining about Notion:

If Your Current System Works...

If you browse the Notion community, you’ll hear a small minority of people saying that they preferred their own system. Okay - good. Stick with it.

Do not switch just because someone told you it’s better! (It might be...) but if you’ve got a system that works...for god sake don’t switch!

Those who Automate Everything

Your needs may vary, and although automation is freaking amazing! It is not a be-all-and-end-all solution.

For most things you don’t need automation, in fact for me there’s something quite therapeutic importing stuff into Notion. Especially when you can move things around fast! :)

But the API is not here...yet (it will be soon).  

The features inside of Notion can save you hours and hours of time - if you build a system with a purpose but if you’re needing constant automation, Notion will not work for you right now.

Notion is a tool that adapts to your needs, which can make it slightly overwhelming - thankfully there’s a growing community of people who can help you get setup and once you start building (and more importantly using) it. You realize how powerful a custom system is for you & your business!

Community Questions

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