Course Junkies Toolkit

Learn my secret weapon that helps me make the most outta the online courses I bought & more importantly finish and I take action on what I learnt!

Hey solo biz owner are you:

Constantly searching your emails for logins to courses you bought months ago...
frequently overwhelmed by the amount of courses you purchase and didn't complete...
Wish you could find those notes you made on courses...ages. ago.
Spending too much money on courses - that you never complete!
wishing you could find those paper notes that you made on that amazing $3000+ course...but it's just gone missing again!

You bought courses thinking no matter what you could keep track of them and will grow your business but now you're feeling

  • Disorganized
  • Disappointed
  • Annoyed
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But you and I both know the truth...
The disorganized chaotic state you're in isn’t you!
It's not true to who you are, or who you want to be!


Course Junkies Toolkit

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The Course Junkies Guide to Finishing Courses is a 60min training + Notion Template that helps you to track all the courses you're wanting to complete. As well as store the notes in one simple place.

The template will mean you prioritize the courses you want to take based on what you're working on right now. Instead of buying on a whim.

You can also store Notes, Links PDF's and other digital resources inside the same template. Making it easier for you to refer back to these at a later date.

Using The System...

View it in Action...

All you need to do is add the Notion template to your Account. Add a course you're working on and set the priorities and you're off to the races. Meaning you can start taking Notes immediately, keeping track of all the modules and lessons you've currently worked on as well as keep track of all those lovely courses you've completed.

I can help you...

Finish & Complete Courses in less time, by reducing the barrier to entry. All links in one place, all notes in one place and you're gonna build a beautiful library of things you've learnt from the amazing investments you've made in your course.

You'll be able to continue your self-development journey with the knowledge that all the courses you're working on are in one single place. You will no longer loose logins, and forget the courses that you're taking! Leaving it in the endless hole that is your email inbox.

You'll be able to capture your ideas, notes and information so you can expand and share with your clients, customers audience etc - all through just opening a single course! Customized note taking based on how you work.

What's In The System?

  • 60min Training sharing how to use the template, and why it works!
  • Course Junkies Dashboard - See all your courses at a glance, set by priorities and completion dates!
  • Course Junkie Notebook - Store all your course notes so that you can take all this information and use it in your own content as you grow your business.

Are you ready to...

Be seen as an expert in your field - someone who can inspire others and help them in their problems thanks to the knowledge you've learnt through all of your finished courses and for a limited time save $80 on the price!