Course Planner Toolkit

Brainstorm, Plan & Market your course all in one place so you can launch your course faster!

Hey solo biz owner are you:

spending to much time trying to search for your course content.
have too many course ideas to even start planning!
spending more time searching for your video outlines etc than actually recording them!
have too many course topic ideas - and not sure where to even start with it!

I'll build a course, passive income, I just gotta record some video and I'm golden however you've ended up feeling...

  • Lost
  • constantly anxious
  • disorganized and unsure where to find stuff!
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But you and I both know the truth...
The disorganized chaotic state you're in isn’t you!
It's not true to who you are, or who you want to be!


Course Planner Toolkit

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Start with a "Topic Brainstorm" and discover the best topic for you to create a course on based on what you love, and what the audience needs are. Brainstorm the steps that make a successful course with questions I ask myself whenever I launch a course.Then start making your course a reality - sketching out your modules, lessons and video production content.

Finally choose the platform that suits you (based on my experience) and then start planning your marketing and all the automations you need to create a successful course that doesn't necessarily need you all the time!

Using The System...

View it in Action...

In this preview lesson you can see me laying out the video production, and other assets for a lesson I'm working on. In fact the animation for this exact course. The planner has been structured to take you step by step on the course planning, creation and marketing process.

I can help you...

I can help simplify your course creation process. No more switching between 5+ different apps just to plan one course. It guides you through the questions you need to not only build a successful course, but one that will help transform your audiences lives + also make you money!

There are so many moving parts to designing & creating your course this cuts the overwhelm and time app switching and searching through the google drive easy - with no need to mess around wtih google drive, Asana. You can do everything all from inside one tool Notion.

What's In The System?

  • Planning & Brainstorming - Not sure what topic to create, or need to map out your audience. This is the section for you!
  • Curriculum Design - Sketch out your modules, your lessons and also any videos & images in one place!
  • Marketing & Automation - Marketing can be difficult, but it's important - Use this section to decide on the tools to use and how to market your business!
  • Video Production Planner - Script, Plan & Record all in one place.
  • 5+ Video lessons guiding you through the process.

Are you ready to...

Brainstorm, create and plan your course in 3 easy steps through one single app. Saving you time (money) and getting your course into action. Faster.